About Us

Looking At Our Journey

G B A Mini Bus Hire is a family run business, which was established with the aim of revenue generation only but then became an emotionally-driven service provider. As a mere minibus provider with expert drivers, we served the movement needs of Glasgow residents, while as an emotionally attached entity, we realised the bond that our passengers share with their family and friends. With our 16 passenger seat minibuses, we give our customers an opportunity to be together and enjoy the trips to the fullest.

We Witnessed the Joys, We Witnessed the Sorrows

Yes, our minibus hire services came into existence with a happy note and it always aimed at sharing and doubling the happiness of whoever sat on it. With the passage of time, however, we became the witness of the grief and sorrow of our passengers as well. In fact, we never realised how their joy and sadness became the reason behind our smile and tears.

We feel proud to say that we have seen our passengers enjoying, laughing, and spending the best times of their life in our minibuses during their family trips, vacations, wedding ceremonies, and other joyous events. We have, on the other hand also seen them crying, hiding their tears, being sad, and filled with sorrow while attending a funeral or making other unhappy movements.

Our Team

The G B A Mini Bus Hire is lucky to have a team of skilled and experienced professionals. When you hire our drivers, you know that you will be getting the best ones to take you on your long ride. They maintain a uniform speed while keeping the safety of the passengers in mind. Besides the drivers, we have an excellent support team to handle the queries of customers and, of course, for making instant bookings. What makes our team unique is that they don’t work for the sake of working but for their passion to pursue their dream, which is also their profession.

Choose Us

  • For our personalised approach
  • Because we are available 24*7
  • Due to our easy accessibility
  • As we offer easy booking platform
  • For our reasonable pricing
  • As we have a wide range of movement options
  • Our minibuses possess advanced features
  • Our services are there for all your events